“Unity in Helping”

The National Crisis Center Conference

Presented by NASCOD and CUSA

October 18–20, 2017

At the Embassy Suites Hotel in Buffalo, NY – Reserve your room now!
Wednesday, 10/18 – Welcome Dinner
Thursday, 10/19 and Friday, 10/20 – All day conference sessions
Friday, 10/20 – Closing Banquet

Why should you attend…

  • Enhance your Vision and Leadership skills to aid your success!
  • Workshops focus on management and leadership skills that will cultivate your effectiveness as a program Director/Manager.
  • National networking opportunities available with experts in the crisis center field.
  • Seek out information on specific issues and challenges that you are facing as a Director/Manager.

Here’s what previous attendees had to say:

This was the most relevant, enlightening and reinventing conference I have ever attended! Thank you so much!

Thank you for all of the hard work and preparation; this was a wonderful first conference experience.

I loved the chance to meet and talk with executive and program directors of crisis organizations – large and small – from all over the country. We found that we all have so much to offer each other: information, expertise, experience, perspective, support, and friendship.

I really enjoyed and valued the management level input of people who have jobs similar to mine in other communities. One of the best things about the conference is the hands on nature of the workshops and the intense peer to peer learning that happens. I haven’t experienced this at any of the other conferences I attend; this conference will always have priority in my budget!

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Many thanks to the sponsors of our

2017 National Crisis Center Conference,

presented by NASCOD and CUSA




2017 Conference Presentations – #CrisisCon17

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Session #1: The Ties That Bind: How to Support your Crisis Worker Team and Fight Burnout and Compassion Fatigue
Presenters: Cicely Alvis, Kristen Smith, Kristy Tipton
Session 1 – Activity instructions and questions
Session 1 – Ties That Bind Pt.1
Session 1 -Ties That Bind Pt.2

Session #2: Uniting Community Services for a Zero Suicide Approach
Presenters: Bart Andrews, Stephanie Lessmeier, Chris Maxwell, Caitlin Peterson
Session 2 – Outline and Prezi Link

Session #3: The Diverse Communities We Serve: Collaborating in Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention
Presenters: Meryl Cassidy, Tamala Converse, Lynn Gurley
Session 3 – Diverse Communities

Session #4: Extending the Reach: Collaborations with Emergency Departments and Approaches for Hospital Diversion
Presenters: Kristin Adduci, Tracie Bussi, Caren Higgins, Shelly Marabella, Leslie Zun
Session 4 – Extending the Reach

Friday, October 20, 2017

Session #5: Active Rescues and Mandated Reports: Best Practices for Working with Law Enforcement and Emergency Services
Presenters: Shye Louis, Beau Pinkham
Session 5 – Best Practices for Working with Emergency Services

Session #6: Speaking to the Unheard: Emotional Support for Refugees and the Undocumented
Presenter: Anitha Iyer
Session 6 – Speaking to the Unheard

Session #7: Building a Unified Crisis Center: 21st Century Tools for 21st Century Needs
Presenters: Travis Atkinson, Liz Barnes, Johanna Louie, Laura Mayer, Rebecca Stock
Session 7 – 21st Century Teams

Past Conferences

2017 – Unity in Helping, Buffalo, NY
2016 – Inspiring Hope, Phoenix-Tempe, AZ
2015 – Driving Change in your Community, Detroit, MI
2014 – A Grand Ole Opportunity: Creating Harmony in Your Crisis Center, Nashville, TN
2013 – Energizing the Life of the Crisis Center, Rochester, NY
2012 – Structuring Your Center for Success!, Albuquerque, NM