Peer Support Call – Joint NASCOD/Lifeline Peerinar: Suicide Loss in Crisis Centers: How to Prepare and Respond

Thursday, October 13 2pm-3:30pm EST Presenters: Bart Andrews (BHR), Sandri Kramer (Didi Hirsch), Shye Louis (Lifeline), Chris Maxwell (Lifeline).  Have your lost a caller to suicide? Ever wonder how other agencies respond? Isn’t this one of the hardest we go through, period?  Time to have an open and honest conversation and learn from each other on how we can best support our staff and ourselves when we lose one of our callers to suicide.

Peer Support Call – January 2016 – Working with Diverse Populations – Alternative Lifestyles

Tuesday, January 19, 2016 Presenter: Tom Buckley, Epilepsy Foundation Many folks at the conference got to see Tom Buckley present on this topic.  Tom does a great job helping us improve our ability to be more inclusive and aware of the many different cultures we can come in contact with in crisis line work. Information on the Peer Support call will be posted to the NASCOD List-serve.

Peer Support Call – December 2015 – Wisdom from Within: How One’s Own Therapeutic Experiences Informs Clinical Care

Tuesday, December 22, 2015 Presenter: Anitha Iyer, Claudio Lorenco, and Bart Andrews Anitha Iyer, Claudio Lourenco (H2H) and Bart will be presenting on lived experience and their own experiences with mental health care informs how they help others. Time for us providers to start talking about how our own lived experience impacts the work we do and encourage each other to share and learn from these experiences. Information on the Peer Support call will be posted to the NASCOD List-serve.