NASCOD is an organization for social service professional serving as Executive Directors or Program Directors of crisis service centers. NASCOD’s mission is to provide support and professional development for executive directors and program managers. We arrange training, promote professional development, serve as an advocate and provide other appropriate services.

The Value of NASCOD

NASCOD is the only national association specifically designed for and run by directors and managers of Crisis Service Centers. It is a unique resource, a network through which members can support one another, can build their management skills and can provide an independent “national voice” for the profession.

NASCOD is broadly inclusive of the field.
NASCOD is open to directors and other managers in call centers of all sizes and configurations so long as they include crisis support as part of their mission. Thus, it can bring together professionals from the widest variety of mental health-related call centers, specialized information and referral agencies and 2-1-1s. That breadth enables extensive communication and learning across the field, rather than within narrower silos.

NASCOD is a “national voice” for its members.
NASCOD is the place that directors and managers of crisis service centers come together to identify the issues that are most critical to them, to define their shared response and to speak together to other national associations, public sector agencies and funders.

NASCOD’s conferences and services are specific to the needs of its members.
Unlike in other national associations, where professional development opportunities and resources for directors and managers are too often an “add-on,” NASCOD’s conferences and services are designed by its members to respond to the needs of its members as identified by the membership.

NASCOD offers professional and personal support to its members.
NASCOD is a network – it is designed to draw on the strengths of its members and to serve as a vehicle through which they can support one another. In a rapidly changing and challenging environment, it is critical that professionals have the opportunity to openly seek the support of peers in the safe, confidential environment that NASCOD provides.

NASCOD complements organizations that accredit crisis services centers.
NASCOD stands outside of and complements national organizations (AAS, AIRS, CUSA, etc.) that accredit crisis service centers. Thus it provides a neutral professional forum for its members, not an environment in which organizational standards take precedence. NASCOD members can focus on their own professional development which, in turn, strengthens their organizations.

NASCOD is a unique national resource for crisis service centers, offering professionals the opportunity to work together to strengthen themselves, their organizations and the field in which they work.

We invite you to join us. Directing the activities of a center is an intense, demanding, and challenging job. Having the support of fellow directors can make a significant difference in the journey. Become a member today!

Get a copy of NASCOD’s W-9 here.