Peer Support Call – Suicide Prevention Month Alignment – National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017, 1pm-2:00pm EST

Guest Presenter: Kimerberly Torguson



September is an opportunity to further promote resources and awareness about suicide and suicide prevention. As we plan ahead for this coming September, we are committed – as the national public-private partnership – to convening and uniting various partners around a single theme in September to demonstrate unity and alignment—and to create a larger, more coordinated impact before and during SPM.


In an effort to avoid duplicating efforts or creating an entirely new campaign, the Action Alliance is currently working with its partners to leverage existing SPM efforts (as found in the Be the One To, Be There, World Suicide Prevention Day, and Take 5 to Save Lives campaigns). After closely researching each campaign, we identified a common component: the importance of being there for someone who his struggling or in crisis. While we encourage existing campaigns to push out other key messages throughout September, we are asking our partners to commit to uniting during 9/11-9/16 to collectively push out our shared messages that focus on the importance of being there for others.


Worth noting, opinion polls show that the public is supportive of suicide prevention in the abstract, but is less clear about how to take action. The shared messages that will be disseminated to the public (during 9/11-9/16) will include clear and realistic “calls to action” (as outlined in the various campaigns listed above) that anyone can take to be there for a person who is struggling or in crisis.



The Action Alliance will help convene the field in September (9/11-9/16) to collectively push out shared messages that reinforce the simple action steps everyone can take to address suicide and promote hope, connectedness, social support, resilience, treatment, and recovery.


Some of the proposed tactics include:

  • Coordinating national Thunderclap the week of Sept. 11
  • Promoting our shared hashtag (TBD)
  • Disseminating existing materials that promote the shared message (via newsletters, social media, blog post, hashtag, email your networks)

Building out an online presence directing traffic to the existing campaigns and their existing messages of how to support someone in need (to be housed on the Action Alliance website)